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Find out how Deirdre Dressage can make you and your horse a COMPLETE ATHLETE. 
At Deirdre Dressage we are not just about the riding, we are about:
Correct riding
Physical fitness
Rider and Equine Nutrition
Mental Training 
Theory Training 

How can we help develop you and your horse to your full potential?


Developing into a Complete Athlete means more than just riding, it means developing a program that systematically develops you and your horse to your peak performance. This program and way of thinking develops the rider through physical fitness and mental fitness. This program also looks at the equine as a top athlete. Top athletes train with a process called periodization. Periodization is the process of planning out a period of time for different stages of training. The Complete Athlete program will help each rider set goals for their equine partner and then set up a period plan for them to accomplish that goal. This program is for the true athletic partnership between horse and rider to gain longevity in their careers, develop a harmonious bond, and develop a deeper understanding of true training. The best part is, is that we work within your current life and time constraints! 


The Complete Equestrian Athlete Program

Dressage is the ballet of the horse world.  It is the basic form of all the dances with your horse.  Master this art form and take it to any form of equestrianism.  Your horse needs you to be the athlete that he is.



-Deirdre R. Sabo  

The Rider

Deirdre Dressage is not just a riding program, it is a program dedicated to developing the horse and rider into a complete athlete. 

The Riders:

Dressage Training, Mental Training, Physical Training, Goal Setting, Nutrition

It is important that the Deirdre Dressage Team riders focus on becoming the athlete that their horses’ need.  Deirdre is dedicated to helping them form their goals and then setting up programs on and off the horse that will get them where they want to be. 

Most important is that the Deirdre Dressage riders are a TEAM and support each other in their goals.


Every rider and every horse is different.  Your goals may range from competing in the international dressage arena to forming a more meaningful bond with your horse.  Whatever your goal may be, The Complete Athlete Program will help you get there.


Your first assignment with the program will be a list of daily goals and a list of weekly goals.  These goals are yours and yours alone.  Deirdre will help guide you through your lists and help formulate each goal to exactly what you want.  There is no pressure to compete or reach a certain level unless that is what you desire.  After the goals are set, Deirdre and the student will go through each goal and determine how to fit the goal into your already existing routine.  While some sacrifices and efforts need to be made in order to better yourself in your sport and art, we want you set up for success.  This is why a huge effort is made to develop your daily and weekly list into your existing routine. 

With your daily goals, Deirdre Dressage students are expected to study dressage theory daily.  We ask for 10 minutes out of your day to read or watch videos on dressage. 

Your physical fitness will be address.  SCRC is in the process of putting in a gym tailored to equestrian athletes.  Each rider will receive individual exercises that are geared towards improving the individual’s riding. 

Mental training will consist of how to visualize your rides, how to relax on command, and how to develop your focus.  Basically we are developing your “eye of the tiger” while maintaining harmony with your horse. 

Dressage Training, Gymnastic Jumping, Trial and Obstacle work, Focus Training, Nutrition.


As a rider, Deirdre needs to know that her horses are going to perform in any situation.  Her horses must work through rain, cold, new environments, distractions, etc.  This is accomplished through a systematic approach that is patient and fair.  The horses are asked to stretch their comfort zone without ever reaching their panic zone.  This approach has proved successful over and over.  Rest assured your horse will be fit, happy, and self confident. 



Dressage lessons will consist of theory, practice, practice, and practice.  We will stretch your comfort zone as well as your horse’s comfort zone in order to build your confidence together.  Lessons will be in the arenas, by the river, in the round pen, by the jumps, over obstacles, and in ALL weather.  No matter what your competition goals are, you will know that you and your horse can perform in all circumstances.


The program price includes 10 lessons or 10 personal training sessions.  You may mix your lessons with personal training sessions if you wish.  Each session spent will be punched off on your Complete Athlete Program card.  You may purchase multiple cards at once or you may purchase them as each card is emptied. 


Cost per card: $450.00.

Visit www.EquestrianAthletes.Club for info on Equestrian Life Coaching 

The Horse

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