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Kelly Harrison

B i o g r a p h y

Kelly began riding at the age of 8.  While most children were trotting around on their ponies, Kelly was galloping around on a 16.2 hand thoroughbred ex-racehorse.  It was there that Kelly started to develop her fearless nature.  During this time, Kelly rode many different horses and loved to go trail riding and cross country jumping.  


Kelly then moved onto Hunter/Jumpers where she showed continuously from local to "A" circuit shows.  Soon, Kelly met Trip Harting and began studying dressage under his watchful eye.  Kelly excelled in dressage and went right to the junior championships at age 13.  Kelly realized after this that her interests were not just in a specific part of riding, but in all types of riding and horsemanship.  She rode with Lynette Stein who was an alternate for the New Zealand Olympic event team and continued her lessons with Trip Harting.  


During her college years, Kelly focused on her studies but as soon as she was out of school, she was back at it again riding hunter/jumpers.  Kelly has successfully trained many horses (including quite a few difficult ones!) and brought along several talented students.  


Kelly feels the need to pay it forward by teaching and is eager to pass along her love of horses and her knowledge.  She is currently working as a research scientist as well as training and teaching hunter/jumpers.

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