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Deirdre Dressage offers services in many areas.  We strive to offer riders and horses a well rounded, complete program that builds confidence and success.  A safe, relaxing training environment is of upmost importance to Deirdre Dressage.

Horse Training and Promotion 


Deirdre Dressage strives to develop horses gradually and thoroughly.  Every step is taken to ensure that the horse is individually trained in the most beneficial manner.  Classical principles are always used to insure that the basics of training are solid and confirmed.  The advanced training of the horse is progressed from the foundation of the basics.  This ensures that the horse is happy and healthy within the more demanding work.  Each horse is exposed to a number of different situations to ensure that they are challenged physically and mentally in order to increase the size of their comfort zone.  Training includes: Classical dressage (main focus), gymnastic jumping, obstacle work (working over bridges, tarps, mattresses, working through hanging objects, etc), exposure to flags and other objects for confidence, trail riding, fun time through work with toys.  Our goal is to develop a horse that is calm and confident in the show arena, and develop the mind so that they can think through stressful situations.

Training with head trainer Deirdre R. Sabo ,

Photo by Kelly McChesney



Our program treats every rider like a finely tuned athlete.  Our lesson program is tailored to develop the rider mentally and physically through the work of dressage, focus practice, and specialized un-mounted (and mounted) exercises.  Every lesson is customized to develop each rider through their own individual weaknesses and strengths.  Lessons with Deirdre will include the what, why, and how of every theory taught so that the rider leaves with the feeling of true understanding.  It is our goal to develop riders with independent thinking and drive.  

Lessons with head trainer Deirdre R. Sabo 









Photo by Alexie Kibbe- Rockin Infinity Photography 



Salado Creek Riding Club offers premier boarding in Central Texas.  Situated along the beautiful Salado Creek, SCRC offered the ideal setting to fully enjoy your horse.  Belton, TX is located on I-35 at the middle point between Austin Texas and Waco Texas.  This location in the Heart Of Texas offers the unique opportunity to experience all of the equine events that Texas has to offer.  Trainers and riders of all disciplines are welcome.  We truly believe that we have something to learn from everybody and enjoy having a diverse boarding community.  SCRC also offers clinics in many disciplines including dressage, hunter/jumper, trail/obstacle, horse starting, problem solving, etc.  Come enjoy our 100’ X 200’ outdoor arena (with dressage arena), jump field, obstacles, round pen, large spacious stalls, shaded turnout, trails, and covered riding area.  STALLION OWNERS: Stallions are welcome and we are located just a few miles from the equine breeding center and vet clinic Dr. T’s Equine Clinic.  Our trained staff is also available for handling stallions through live covering.  We also offer ideal facilities for mare care and mare and foal care.  Our boarders and staff are like family to us and we are also looking to add to our family.  

Personal Training 


When a person decides to ride a horse, they also decide to become an athlete. We owe it to our horses to become their equal in athletic ability. We owe it to them to hold our own and become a partner. The Deirdre Dressage personal training program offers equestrians of all disciplines the means to become a more confident rider through tailored programs that focus on the individual’s needs. Salado Creek Riding Club offers a functional gym for personal training sessions. This offers Deirdre the ability to incorporate your riding into your gym session, all in one location. Coming soon: Equestrian Bootcamps! Deirdre is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and has worked with many types of clients with different goals (weight loss to body building) at the prestigious Gold’s Gym.  









Photo by Alexie Kibbe- Rockin Infinity Photography 

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