Kristin Kallsen

We are happy to announce the return of Kristin Kallsen to  Salado Creek Riding Club!  She is coming back as a new Riding Instructor at SCRC. Kristen has an extensive background in Western and English riding and coaching. She is coming in from Highlander Ranch at McLennan Community College in Waco where she had a large and successful student roster. Kristin also has had superb mentor ships working with Whit Watkins, Claire Darnell and others. She will be available for lessons starting January 1st. Welcome back Kristen!


Kristin Kallsen grew up on a farm and rode horses from the time she could sit up. She worked cattle and entered play day events for fun until she left for college, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in microbiology. After college while working full time in the pharmaceutical industry, she renewed her interest in horses and riding. A mentor introduced Kristin to the equine discipline of dressage, and she discovered a love for the precise communication between horse and rider. Later, Kristin decided to take a break from working in an office and began working for Whit Watkins, an internationally recognized dressage rider. She had opportunities to ride expertly trained horses and develop her understanding of dressage training and riding. Now that she is involved in formal riding instruction, she is focused on teaching riders correct position and solid fundamentals so that they can learn effective horsemanship in English or Western discipline in a safe and encouraging manner.

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