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Deirdre Dressage

Deirdre R. Sabo

USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist

Host- Equine Strides on Farm and Ranch TV

Host- The Equestrian Athletes Podcast 


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"I’ve been training horses for 15 years and started riding with Deirdre in the fall of 2013 with my ’04 Gypsy gelding Snow with the goal of rubbing some rust off our dressage schooling and train and compete through the levels. It was love at first ride. She welcomed us with open arms and a fun loving attitude with the proper amount of professionalism to seek instilling nothing but the best for her students and their horses. She is reachable, personable, and professional. She has the work ethic of a draft horse come rain or shine and WILL commit herself to you, not just because you want it, but because she believes in it and wants to see everyone shine to their fullest potential. She has successfully helped rub the rust off our dressage hinges and Snow and I will be showing 3rd level this coming year while training for 4th level. To say she is the greatest I’ve worked with (out of many around the country) is a massive understatement and I look forward to our future training under her as Snow and I work through the levels in competition."
Megan Kenney (professional horse trainer of 15+ years & breeder/trainer of Gypsy horses)
"I love having Deirdre Sabo as my dressage trainer.  She makes every minute of every class so valuable to me.  She gives clear instructions and immediate correction and feedback in a positive and supportive manner.  I am amazed at the progress I've made in just a few months."
Suzanne Fourmigue, Temple, TX


"Even though I rode other people's horses as a kid, I did not begin riding lessons until I was 50 years old. Deirdre accepted me as her student even though I am sure I presented many challenges. Not only does Deirdre have the skill and expertise to be a great competitor, she has the gift of being able to share that with her students. She has been patient and encouraging with me and has helped me become a better rider. I am not currently able to work with Deirdre on a regular basis because I am out of the area much of the time. Even so, Deirdre remains a great resource when I have questions or need encouragement. I look forward to working with her again when I return to Central Texas."

M. E. Matyastik Baier, Ph.D., LMFT


"Deirdre is a beautiful rider herself and stays true to the basics of dressage.  She is constantly educating herself and updating her teaching methods to ensure her students excel.  She communicates well and teaches in a positive and encouraging manner, but knows when to push you out of your comfort zone."  

Lynn Allinson, Crawford, TX


"Being an educator for over 25 years I appreciate so much how Deirdre teaches.  She is soft spoken and gentle, if needed, and can remind you nicely just how much you need to listen, in case you need extra motivation, if needed, as well.  Calm and kind and knowledgeable all rolled up into one.  You always leave the lesson having learned something new and helpful and you also have something to work on too.  Perfectly taught every time!!"

Valeria Miller, Belton, TX

Photo by Kelly McChesney

As an equestrian photographer who has seen thousands of talented riders in the show ring, it takes someone really special to stand out in the crowd. Deirdre is one of those who I have watched over the years and have been impressed by her dedication and ability to take horses and students "with potential" and transform them into true athletes. It is refreshing to see a trainer who is always learning and growing in the sport, who can then pass on her knowledge to students. I highly recommend Deirdre as a trainer who is committed to excellence.
Kristie Nichols
I absolutely love this place. This is exactly what me and my daughter have been looking for for years now. The staff and trainers are exceptional and extremely professional. They care about you and your goals and they totally care about your horses as well! They are kind and patient and just overall amazing. This is not only an exceptional training facility this place becomes your family. I just cannot say enough great things about this place!!! Thank you Deirdre Dressage and all the trainers and staff for making mine and my daughters dreams come true. 🐴❤️
Melissa McDavid


Deirdre Rose Sabo captured this picture of me during one of our lessons a few weeks ago. I cannot help but smile every time I look at it. Those familiar with the sport appreciate how difficult this movement is for both horse and rider. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pro, and have plenty to learn and improve upon. However, I’m amazed at how much my knowledge, technique and confidence has grown in relatively short order. I attribute my progress to Deirdre Dressage (and some amazing, patient horses). I joined Deirdre’s team three years ago, and it’s one of the best decisions I made. Deirdre is a fantastic instructor, trainer, and coach. Her ability to develop skill and talent, and passion for the sport is apparent, and why I enjoy learning from her.

When I tell people outside the equestrian community that I ride dressage, they usually have no idea what I’m talking about. Most people associate horseback riding with more recognized disciplines, like barrel racing, jumping, or trail riding. Those who are familiar with dressage sometimes remark on its elitist reputation. It’s unfortunate, because dressage really is a fun, accessible sport. You don’t have to be rich. You don’t have to have your own horse. And you don’t have to be an experienced rider to have fun. Whatever your level or background, I encourage you to book a session with Deirdre. ❤️

Michelle Corn


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