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The Importance of the Posting Trot

We see riders of all disciplines posting the trot. Does anyone know why? There are many reasons why the posting trot is so important.

First, it is important that you have read the post “The horse is fluid like water.” That post gives some very important information that is important to the concept of posting trot, but to summarize, the horse is like liquid and wants to fill empty spaces.

With a firm grasp on that concept, we can conclude that the horse will seek the empty space created by the rider as they come out of the saddle in the up phase of the post. Assuming we want the horse’s back to arch upward…which we do… then we can conclude that the posting trot allows us to warm up the horse’s back in an upward fashion. The back will seek the empty space and will push positively towards the rider’s seat. The posting trot sets the expectation of the ride and can be used throughout the ride to reinforce that expectation.

Second, it gives of the correct timing of the aids and allows our horse to work with the timing. (Next week we will discuss diagonals)

Third, it allows the rider to feel how the rib cage of their own body is the framework for self-carriage of the rider. It activates the tiny stabilizing muscles needed to support the rider’s weight off the horse’s back.

Stay Tuned for the next post on the next element of the raising trot… Correct posting diagonals.

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