Webinars -The Complete Equestrian Athlete Program



Webinar: Mental/Focus Training

Join us for a detailed look on how to train mentally for your best possible rides.  This webinar will include how to visualize while riding, how to become a feeling rider, how to develop a deeper focus, how to adjust your mindset, and much more!  Do not miss this opportunity to become a more accomplished rider right from your computer and your own mind!


Webinar: Physical Training

This webinar will focus on training the body to become a more in tuned athlete.  We will focus on the basic equestrian's needs as well as some specialized training issues that happen with many equestrians.  Join us in the process of forming your own individual fitness plan towards success.


Webinar: Equine Training

This webinar will focus on our equine partners!  We will discuss what equine periodization training is and why it is so important for you and your horse.  The focus will be on how to train our partners to be happy, willing athletes that preform at the top of their sport by introducing crosstraining.  Through this process we will show you how to develop your horses body so that it is balanced and healthy.

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