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Deirdre is building a team for DREAM USA

The Goal 

The goal is to locate and purchase a potential Team USA horse to bring along in training to eventually represent the United States with rider Deirdre Sabo.  To accomplish this, we are searching for one or more buyers to join in a syndication of this special horse.  This is an exciting opportunity to join in on an experience of a lifetime.  Own a talented horse, travel the world with this horse, and enjoy the winner's circle.  


What it means to be on the team

As a member of this team you will not only have a front row seat, you will be an active participant is the exciting career of this special horse.  Membership will get you exclusive access at all competitions, owner's receptions, media recognition, and so much more.  You will also be gaining a relationship with one of the most hard working, in the trenches, trainer in the sport.  Deirdre will share weekly in depth training plans and updates as the horse progresses. Enjoy planned social events showcasing the horse, PR opportunities, and social media shoutouts.  By supporting this dream, you are helping this beautiful sport grow and helping a deserving athlete step out onto the international stage.  Deirdre has the experience and knowledge to bring this dream team together.


Deirdre Sabo is an international FEI rider based in Belton, TX with accommodations in Wellington Florida.  

Deirdre has been known to take the horses with obstacles and making FEI horses out of them.  Late starters, problem stallions, converted jumpers, off breeds, etc.   The joke around the barn is that if it failed before, Deirdre can fix it.  She is ready to be given the chance to try with a horse from the start with raw talent. 

Because of this, she has a huge tool kit to work with.  If she can take the horses "who were not supposed to make it" and help them through the levels, she can take one from the start and help it become a star.  That is exactly what she is striving for.  She is ready to take what she has learned through the "problem" horses and bring it to an incredibility talented horse who is ready for the job.  She needs your help to do this!


I am considering joining the team and would like more in depth information. 

Thank you for your interest! We will be contacting you shortly. If you would like to chat into more detail on the phone you can call Deirdre Sabo at 254-715-4081, or Jacob Frary at 254-493-2033. Thank you again and we hope to have you join the team.
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