A Training Session with Deirdre Dressage

The beauty of teaching is that the teacher learns just as much in a lesson as the student does.  Every student brings a new prospective to training and teaching.  Because of this, the trainers at Deirdre Dressage take great care in making sure that we are approaching our students in the way they learn best. 

Everyone learns in different ways.  The main forms of learning are:

  1. Verbal

  2. Visual

  3. Auditory

  4. Touch/ Kinesthetic


This is the form of teaching that we associate with riding lessons.  This when we verbally explain to the student how to perform.  The verbal teaching style is the easiest to execute and is the basis of all teaching.  Examples: Reading or hearing the teacher during a lesson.  This form of learning can be also be in the form of the student verbally explaining the concepts being taught.


Many find watching what is expected of them is the easiest way to absorb knowledge.  This can be accomplished by watching the trainer ride the horse and even instructing the trainer while they are on the horse.  This can also be accomplished by watching a video of the ride.  Here at Deirdre Dressage we provide a solo shot 3 camera for this purpose.  Sometimes we cannot feel what is happening, but we can see it.



We use the auditory learning style to keep rhythm and focus for the rider.  By using mantras and counting, we can successfully allow the rider to feel in the moment.  Counting for halt halts, counting for transitions, and adding jump and suspension in the gaits are just some examples of what auditory learning can offer.


Touch/ Kinesthetic:

The “feel” we develop while riding is the corner stone of horsemanship.  It is a language in its own.  I often tell my students that riding is a middle brain activity.  The left brain must understand the theory of how the bodies work together and the right brain must feel it.  Taking lessons is hard in a way because the brain activity now must process what an instructor is saying and well as understand and feel.  Therefore, it is important for the instructor to explain as well as give the rider time to be in the moment.  It is important that the student feels the concepts being taught.


At Deirdre Dressage teaching is an activity that we use to not only better our students, but also ourselves.  When the teacher strives for the student to understand, then the teacher also learns the concept and develops a deeper understanding.  Therefore, we see our students as part of the team.  We need them as much as they need us. 

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