Katrina Natwick

Assistant Trainer and Riding Instructor


Katrina Natwick has an extensive background in training horses for performance and pleasure, using personalized, replicable and positive instruction through confidence building, psychology, horse behavior and biomechanically correct focused training.  


Her passion is training riders and horses to be physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for the task they are completing by giving them the tools to problem solve and tackle anything that comes their way with harmony. No matter what that is! 


Katrina strives to create well rounded, confident and proficient horses and riders by using a teaching style of head knowledge, demonstration and coaching to create a positive and effective learning environment for her students.  Whether you are a pleasure or competitive rider, her goals are to help you develop a more harmonious relationship with your horse. 


Katrina has a strong foundation in Natural Horsemanship principles and has Eventing experience up to Training Level.  She has schooled Second & Third Level Dressage movements and is currently completing scores for her Bronze Medal.  She plans to continue training and moving up the levels with a focus on Eventing. 


She has extensive experience developing horses to trail ride in the mountains of Montana, working cows and ranch sorting.  She is a Champion and Reserve Champion in obstacle competitions, bridle-less and liberty demonstrations, is a C2 Pony Clubber and an HB (horse management) candidate at the national level. 


Katrina also has extensive experience teaching students and training dogs for agility, obedience, and trick training with her own dog, holding multiple titles in all disciplines.  This experience has evolved into trick training horses and using marker/clicker training in some areas of horsemanship. 


Continuing education is extremely important to Katrina.  She strives to learn as much as possible so she can pass that knowledge on to her students.  She loves teaching children and adults, with an emphasis on those who really want to develop better relationships with their horses. 


Her long term goals are to compete internationally while keeping the principles of happy, strong, and willing partners.  She is married to her best friend and they live with their two dogs.


Katrina offers dressage, confidence building, groundwork, horsemanship and liberty lessons at Salado Creek Riding Club, as well as case by case problem solving sessions, and very limited slots for full training horses. 






I started off knowing I loved competing, but knew I wanted to develop a relationship with my horse beyond getting on and making pretty circles.  I strive to show people what their horses are capable of beyond winning ribbons, whether it’s everyday tasks like bridling and trailer loading, to liberty, trick training or a greater understanding of the training at hand.


I was exposed to the Parelli program at a young age, and it gave me a great foundation to start my journey of asking more questions, listening to my horse, and changing accordingly. As a young teen, I wanted to learn more about horse behavior, problem-solving and training techniques, so I began my lifelong search for more knowledge.  My philosophy of training is ever changing and evolving as I learn from each horse, but I always come back to the foundation of putting my horse and their physical and emotional needs first.  


You’ll hear me say this a lot, “I care more about what your horse feels” (and thinks) like during and after an exercise, than how they actually perform it.  My #1 priority is confidence and softness in horses and riders. 


I love combining my knowledge of horse behavior heavily into training performance horses.   I’m a very competitive person by nature, but my horse means more to me than a score.  I don’t care if it was the best or worst score of the day; I care how my horse feels when we leave the arena.  I’m competitive about developing horses that are soft, willing, and in harmony with their riders.  It’s not how your horse performs the task; it’s how they feel performing it for you.  


Some of my favorite trainers and authors are Mark Rashid, Warwick Schiller, and Walter Zettle. 

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