5 Steps to an adjustable horse


Stuck in your progress with your horse?  Looking for a more responsive horse? Looking for more meaning in your rides?  Dressage may be for you.   


Dressage is the foundation of all other riding endeavors.  It can be called the ballet of the horse world.  Without a strong foundation, what you have built will eventually crumble and fall.  Dressage theory is simple; we must teach our horses to carry us properly and we must find the imbalances in our horses and ourselves and use the dressage exercises to make these imbalances balanced.  The sport of dressage is not the only path to learning dressage.  Here at Deirdre Dressage we pride ourselves in providing all horses with a solid foundation and balance to peruse any avenue of riding.


Dressage is a lifetime process that can never truly have an end.  Just as a yoga practitioner is always in a state of "practice" a dressage rider is always in a state of finding balance with the horse.  The term "finished" is never used in our way of training.  A horse and rider are always "working" within a certain level.  The current state of balance can always be improved on. 


Deirdre Dressage uses these five steps to test a horse no matter what level they are working.  These steps first build the foundation and then support it up the levels of dressage. By building and supporting this foundation we can ensure that we have healthy, happy athletes.


Deirdre Dressage is here to help to your journey towards more meaningful rides that aim for a better balance between horse and rider.


Download your PDF HERE on 5 steps to a more adjustable horse.


© 2019 by Deirdre R. Sabo   

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